Goals and Objectives

1. Participants of the International Advisory Council of organizations of reserve officers (hereafter Council Participants) defined main areas of their activity as follows:

  • implementation of joint projects;
  • arrangement of joint events on multilateral and bilateral basis;
  • provide mutual support;
  • mutual consultations and contacts; experience exchange and other cooperation on the mutually interesting issues.

Herewith, any political activity whatsoever and interfere in domestic affairs of Council Participants, countries and organizations shall be precluded; compliance with generally accepted rules of international law and national laws of the Council Participant countries shall be ensured.

2. Main goals of the Council Participants’ cooperation are:

  • consultations to promote in public consciousness friendly and charitable attitude to veterans, military pensioners on principles of spirituality and compassion;
  • contribution to promotion of principles of justice, mutual respect and friendship within the youths, promotion of healthy way of living, involving young people in fitness and sport;
  • enhancement of cultural, intellectual and business connections between countries by ways of public diplomacy.

3. To achieve these goals the Council Participants shall:

  • cooperate in cultural, educational, informational, consultative activities;
  • arrange for mutual visits, historic educational international trips, scientific conferences and other events;
  • provide mutual consultations on issues of interest;
  • share experience in supporting youths centres and organizations for the purpose of spiritual and moral education of children, teenagers and young people;
  • facilitate promotion of healthy way of living among young people, involvement in fitness and sport;
  • hold joint events on the occasion of anniversaries and commemoration dates of the Council Participants;
  • share information through printed and electronic media resources of the Council;
  • cooperate in other areas multilaterally and bilaterally.

Approved at the first meeting
of the International Advisory Council
of reserve officers organizations in Moscow,
15 June 2011