Flag Officers’ Club of the Slovak Republic

Registered as a civil association, the Flag Officers’ Club of the Slovak Republic was set up on January 18, 2006. The Club is the supreme professional occupational organization of generals being in active service of the Slovak Republic Armed Forces as well as reserve and retired ones.

The Club’s primary goal is to bolster the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and to give assistance to common, social, labor, economic and professional interests of its members, their family members and generals of the Slovak Republic Armed Forces both as regard to state bodies, agencies of public authorities and other civil associations on retention of political independence and neutrality.

Particular attention of the Club is devoted to the organization of military and patriotic routes designed for search of burial sites of fallen in action Slovak warriors who struggled for freedom and independence of the Slovak Republic.

Activities of the Club of Generals of the Slovak Republic are also aimed at promoting propaganda of the Defense Ministry and Armed Forces of Slovakia within a wide public in Slovakia and abroad.

Chairman of the Club
Frantishek BLANARIK:

The Club’s goals are implemented while holding negotiations with the Defense Ministry, representatives of the Slovak Republic Armed Forces at different levels as well as during talks and consultations with spokespersons from other bodies and organizations in full compliance with obligatory legal norms and decrees of the of the Defense Ministry of the Slovak Republic and the Armed Forces General Staff of Slovakia.

The Club cooperates with similar civil associations of generals as well as former generals of other states whom there have been established contacts with.