History the Committee


National Association of Reserve Officers unions of the Armed Forces (MEGAPIR) to reflect changes in the geopolitical situation, the globalization process and on the basis of experience of international activities, in 2010 decided to invite the organizations reserve officers from different countries to interact.

It was summed up the experience of the Association «Megapir» a number of major events in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Analysis of bilateral and multilateral meetings with colleagues, and the results of scientific — practical conferences in London, Washington, Oslo, Alexandria, and Bratislava confirmed the importance of maintaining contact between the reserve officers in different countries. It became obvious that they are faced with almost the same problems after transfer to the reserve or retired (inclusion on the roster), and the organizations of reserve officers involved in their decision largely identical ways and means. And if so, the coordination of efforts can have a positive impact on organizational performance.


The idea of formation of the International Advisory Council of the Reserve Officers found support from the countries of CIS, Baltic and Central Europe.

To conduct preparatory work for the Organizing Committee was formed consisting of representatives of these countries, and was elected Executive Secretary.

At its meeting on 18 March 2011 in Moscow as a result of constructive discussion and agreement on areas of cooperation between members of the Organizing Committee — Representatives of 13 organizations of reserve officers from 12 countries unanimously agreed on the formation of the International Advisory Council of the Reserve Officers (hereinafter — Council) for mutual support and the use of their opportunities for officers stock exchange of experience, participation in joint projects.

The Council does not pursue any political objectives, its work is excluded interference in the internal affairs of other organizations and countries. Council members must work together with the observance of the legislation of their states, as well as international treaties and agreements.

The cooperation of the participating organizations of the Council is carried out in areas such as consulting, promotion of public awareness in a friendly and compassionate attitude toward veterans disabled military retirees on the principles of spirituality and compassion, sharing of experience in promoting the spiritual and moral upbringing of children, youth, strengthening the prestige of the armed forces and military service.

Council members contribute to the promotion of healthy lifestyles of young people, engage in physical culture and sports, as well as conducting joint celebrations to mark the anniversary dates of public holidays and the participating countries, exchange of printed and electronic materials.

In the context of combating modern threats and challenges the Council will contribute to strengthening friendship and cooperation, mutual understanding and on the basis of the spiritual community of reserve officers. Council members focused on finding ways and means of interaction for young people to develop the principles of fairness, mutual respect and friendship, strengthen the cultural, intellectual and business ties between the countries by means of «public diplomacy» during the mutual visits, scientific — practical conferences, debates, cultural, educational, informational, advisory activities, as well as joint historical cognitive activities and visits.

When making decisions at Board meetings, each delegation, regardless of the number of its members have one vote.

Council decisions are taken by consensus and are recommendatory character.

The Council is open to the accession of new members, as well as to exit from the participants.

Secretariat of the Council as a permanent body, carries out practical cooperation with all parties to it.

In meetings and other events held by the Council, interested organizations may reserve officers to participate as observers. At the same suggestions and recommendations made by the delegations of these organizations are taken into account when deciding the participants of the Council.

The International Advisory Council of Organizations of reserve officers — a democratic and voluntarily created formation, not burdened by cumbersome and rigid statutes financial obligations. The rights and responsibilities of the Council are derived from the powers that give its member organizations.

The first meeting of Council held on June 15th of 2011 in the Cultural Center of the Russian Armed Forces, which was attended by representatives of 18 organizations from 16 countries, including CIS, Baltic States, Central and Western Europe.

At a meeting of the main directions of the Council’s final statement adopted by participants, to elect a Chairman and three Co-Chair of the Council, Executive Secretary of the International Advisory Council of the reserve officers. At the suggestion of the Delegation of the Slovak Republic generals Club decided to hold a second meeting of the Council in May 2012 in Slovakia.