About us

Александр КАНЬШИН

Chairman of the International Advisory Council
of Organizations of Reserve Officers,
member of the Public Chamber
of the Russian Federation

Alexander KANSHIN

Dear visitors!

Officers, who are in reserve and retired, from countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and America established the International Advisory Council of Organizations of Reserve Officers.

The goal of the International Advisory Council which is spiritual and intellectual cooperation of organizations of reserve officers in the interests of projects implementation and holding joint events aimed at solving tasks of mutual interest.

Herewith, we have agreed to rule out any political activities and interference in working procedures of other organizations and countries. We are working in cooperation with state bodies but have our own defined status of self — sufficiency, non — interference in economic, political or military affairs of a state.

All the participants of the International Advisory Council are organizationally self — sufficient and unburdened with mutual financial obligations; all issues are solved on a consensus basis. To take decisions at the Council’s meetings, opinion of observers is taken into consideration.

Main goals of the Council are enhancement of humanitarian ties between reserve officers of different countries, friendly and charitable attitude to veterans of the Armed Forces and military service, cooperation in the field of military culture and common human values mutual enhancement, mutual respect and friendly attitude to the youth, its spiritual and moral education, promotion of healthy way of living, involving young people in fitness and sport as well as deepening relations between our veteran and youth organizations.

Reserve officers — people, who devoted the prime of life serving to their Fatherland, — play special role both in political and social life countries their countries. Their consolidation on the international level — is not only sharing of experience, but a way to know each other better in order to avoid any fear.

We like no other know, what armed conflict is, and that’s why we must do everything possible to provide development of world civilization without wars and armed clashes, but using friendship, neighbourliness, respect to history, culture of other countries. Reserve officers' organizations may play in this process positive role.

Deep down, our Council is a bridge to the future which makes it possible to teach our children and grandchildren living in different countries to be friends, communicate rather than fight with each other.

I’m convinced that we’ll manage to show to the world society that cooperation of those knowing the real price for victory and peace is capable of playing an important role in developing friendship and mutual understanding between peoples.

I’m sure that our joint work will make it possible to translate the International Advisory Council of Organizations of Reserve Officers into powerful association of reserve officers representing different countries.

We invite public organizations of reserve officers, veterans of armed forces from all countries and continents to join the International Advisory Council.

On this web site, developed on the decision of the International Advisory Council, you’ll be able to learn about many-sided experience of member-organisations activity, their public activities, participation in cultural and business life of their countries, spiritual and moral education of youth, about interests and ardours of outstanding people, who traversed hard army path, and many other.