Association of Spanish Reservists

Spanish Reserve Association was founded in 2004. Nowadays its impeccable business reputation and continuing close collaboration with the Ministry of Defense of Spain have allowed it to become the most important association of reservists in Spain.

Key areas of activities of the Association are conducting sporting events that may have applications in the military service, celebrating anniversaries of historic events, organizing the oath ceremony, arranging meetings of reserve servicemen and their families, visits to military units, training and educational activities for the preparation of young people to serve in the army as well as a wide range of activities related to the preservation and development of military traditions.

President of the Association
Santiago Carrasco DIAZ-MASA:

Among other things, we give advice to the Ministry of Defense on all matters related to the development of standards for reserve servicemen. We also work closely with them in putting forward the proposals dedicated at continuing improvement of the defense capability of the country to the extent in which the reserve servicemen are concerned.