Reserve Officers and Sergeants’ Union of the Republic of Bulgaria

Reserve officers and sergeants’ union of the Republic of Bulgaria unites equally ranking members, regardless of their military ranks, ethnic or social origin, religion or social status.

The Union carries out its activities in the following areas:

  • Protection of social interests, authority and dignity of reserve officers and sergeants;
  • Social adaptation and assistance to the military personnel, who retired from the active duty;
  • Provision of social and material support to reserve officers and sergeants, who are in need;
  • Patriotic education of children and the youth;
  • Preservation and promotion of moral ideals and military traditions;
  • Strengthening of the relationship and friendship with reserve officers and sergeants from other countries.

Chairman of the Central Council of the Union

In order to achieve our goals, we have regular meetings with the leadership of the country, law enforcement agencies and other ministries. The directions of our work include joint activities with other similar associations, the organization of national and international military and scientific conferences and cultural events.