Foreign Relations Committee of «TZEVET» - Israel Defence Forces Veterans of War Association

«Tzevet» — Israel Defence Forces Veterans of War Association with its 35.000 members, are spread all over the country and are composed in 40 branches in the main cities.

Many of «Tzevet» members are working in the public sector. In the general elections of 2013, 12 Tzevet members were elected to the 19th Israeli Knesset (Parliament). It makes 10% of the Knesset members. In the local government election held in 2008, 16 Tzevet members were elected to be City — Mayors.

The given support is in areas as: culture, sport, health agriculture, computerized irrigation systems, solar energy, water desalination and mutual projects needed in cities or on the national level.

Vice-Chairman of the Association
Mordechai AVIGAD:

Among many other activities we are performing volunteer activities in the society as lecturing in secondary and high schools over: the need of peace and friendship.

National Heritage, how to improve for a better democratic and liberal society, Human Rights for Dignity and Liberty, care for the poor and the elderly people.

We believe that those subjects are essential in creating a peaceful and a justified Society.