Belarus Public Association of veterans

The Belarus Public Association of Veterans (BPAV) was set up in March 1987.

The Association is represented by the overwhelming majority of veterans of the republic. Under guidance of the Association there were established 6055 veteran organizations bringing together veterans of the Great Patriotic War, Armed Forces, law enforcement and security agencies and veterans of labour.

Main areas of activities:

  • assistance to representatives of the executive power and social security meant to define and satisfy needs and wants of veterans;
  • patriotic education of the youth, strengthening of combat and labor traditions;
  • comprehensive strengthening of friendly ties among veteran organizations of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Recent years have seen a striking activity of relations among veteran and youth organization of Belarus and other states on joint search works.

Chairman of the Association Council
Anatoly NOVIKOV:

Constant veteran relations give an opportunity to make use of collective experience of work on social security of veterans and to borrow from one another the most effective forms of cooperation.

On our initiative, in recent years about 400 participants of the Great Patriotic War from Belarus attended sites of battles which took place in Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. There were established reliable ties with veterans of bordering regions of Russia and Ukraine.