on establishing and activity of the
International advisory Council of reserve officers organizations

1. Organizations which are permanent members of the International advisory Сouncil or having the observer status may join the Council (hereafter — members of the International advisory Сouncil).

2. Establishment and activity of the International advisory Сouncil is not intended for any political objectives, not focused on intervention in internal affairs of the states, which organizations will become its members, not for activity financial support of Council members by other Council members, nither for any limitation of the International advisory Сouncil member-organizations independence.

3. Cooperation of the International advisory Сouncil members will be exercised in the following trends:

  • consulting to assist in forming benevolent and merciful treatment to veterans, military pensioners in public conscience, basing on the principles of spirituality and compassion;
  • assistance in forming principles of justice, mutual respect and friendship among young people, promotion of youth healthy life-style, attraction to physical training and sport;
  • assistance in strengthening of cultural, intellectual and business ties of states using «peoples diplomacy» during: mutual visits, scientific conferences, discussions; cultural-enlightenment, educational, informational, consultative activity; exchange of printed and electronic information resources materials; as well as by organizing mutual historical-cognitive events and visits of the International advisory Council member-organizations representatives visits.

4. Headquarters of the International advisory Council is in Moscow basing on the National Association of the Armed Forces Reserve Officers Organizations (MEGAPIR).

5. The International advisory Council is functioning on a permanent basis by holding its members meetings. Such meetings are held as necessary, but no less than once in two years. The Chairman of the Council is presiding during the meetings of the Council.

6. The Executive secretary of the Council provides cooperation of the Council members during adjournment.

7. Decisions of the International advisory Council are made by presenting members of the Council majority of vote and are sort of recommendations.

8. Juridical, organizational, finance and other aspects of the International advisory Council activity are specified in the Agreement, which is to be concluded and signed by the authorized representatives of the International advisory Council members.

9. The International advisory Council is opened for new members, as well as for withdrawal of current members.

10. The Organizing committee on establishing the International advisory Council will be dismissed on completion of the first meeting of the International advisory Council.

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