Club of the Generals and Admirals of Serbia

The Club of Generals and Admirals of Serbia was created on 20 July, 2005 and is a successor of the Club of Generals and Admirals of the Yugoslavian Army. The Club is an independent and nonparty association of retired generals and admirals, which was created in order to preserve the Serbian traditional aspirations for freedom, preserve the traditions of the generals’ corps, contribute to the defense capability of the country, social position, cultural, sport and other interests of its members.

The Club incorporates over 200 members. It includes veterans of the Second World War, as well as the participants of building the contemporary armed forces, commanders of operational and strategic units, who distinguished themselves in our time. The Club also has honorable members from Russia and France. The Supreme body of the Club is the Assembly, which considers and makes decisions on all important issues and the program of work. The execution of decisions and performance of the work program is verified by the Executive committee.

Colonel-General, Vice-president of IAC, President of Skupshina of the Club of the Generals and Admirals of Serbia

Within the framework of international cooperation our main objective is to establish cooperation with retired officers, generals and admirals on a range of program goals, dealing with the efforts for peace and security in our region, Europe and the world.