Hungarian Alliance of Military Fellowship

Hungarian Alliance of military associations was created in February 1990 and nowadays incorporates about 10 000 members (in 86 member associations and 3 communities).

Being a leading public organization of the Ministry of Defense, the Alliance forms kind of a bridge between the military community and other social groups of Hungary, as well as between different generations of defenders of the Patria.

The objectives of the Alliance are the following:

  • providing public support to the defense issues;
  • representing interests of members and member associations.
  • The Alliance also participates in training, preparation and patriotic education of the population, preserving the memorials of military honor, provides financial support to active and retired military personnel, who find themselves in difficult life conditions, carries out various cultural events, military competitions and contests.

President of the Alliance

Our Alliance believes that military men represent a symbol of love to their Patria, spiritual community and statehood, and that is why they are decent representatives of the whole Hungarian nation.