National Association of Unions of Reserve Officers of Ministry of Defense (MEGAPIR)

The organization was established in the Russian Federation in 1993. Nowadays it brings together dozens of economic, charitable and public associations. The Association is represented in 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation, 42 constituent entities and 151 municipal educational establishments from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad.

The Association’s solid financial basis makes it possible to translate into practice various social projects and programmes.

Main areas of the Association’s activities:

  • address assistance rendered to veteran of war, labor and military service and families of servicemen who sacrificed their lives in local conflicts;
  • organization and carrying out of military and patronage activities in military groups and among the youth;
  • renaissance of moral stimulation of different social layers and meeting other social challenges.

Members of the Association are represented in Russia’s Government, the executive branch of power of regions and districts, the State Duma and various ministries and departments.

Chairman of the Association Council
Alexander KANSHIN:

Over the recent years delegations of the Board of Directors and Management of the Association attended a variety of military units in all military districts and fleets, met with the command and personnel of military units, representatives of the administration of populated areas neighboring with locations of the military garrisons and also visited wounded and diseased cured in hospitals.

Results of the events carried out by the Association are summed up and decisions based o them are worked out to be further submitted to the President and Government of the Russian Federation, State Duma and Federation Council, ministries and departments and heads of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. There were adopted socially important decisions on a number of proposals.