Republican Committee of the Organization of participants of the Second World War battling on the party of an Antihitlerite coalition, living in Lithuania

The Republican Committee of organizations of the participants of the Second World War, who live in Lithuania, was created in 1992. Nowadays it incorporates about 3,000 veterans, untied into city and regional organizations, working under primary rights. Recently there have been made a decision to enlarge the membership and admit to the organization close relatives of veterans and veterans of the military service.

Directions of activities:

  • providing moral and legal support to the veterans and participants of the war;
  • organizing events, conferences and «round tables», dedicated to commemorative days;
  • patriotic education of the youth;
  • immortalization of the memory of those who lost their lives, keeping military graveyards in their best condition.

Chairman of the Committee

Within our organization there has been created an aid fund, which carries out activities, directed at raising funds from relatives and acquaintances of the veterans. We also get financial assistance from some businessmen and private enterprises. The money we raise is used for providing financial assistance to those veterans, who need social custody and medicines.