Association of the Polish Armed Forces Soldiers

Last year the Association of the Polish Armed Forces Soldiers celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Main goals of the Union:

  • integration of former and active servicemen on issues of defense capacities of Poland and combat traditions of the Polish people in striving for freedom, independence and sovereignty;
  • support given to former and active servicemen in safeguarding their rights acquired during their military service and work, rendering both legal and social assistance;
  • promotion and development of friendly relations among former and active servicemen.

In 2008 on the initiative of the Council there was established the Federation of Associations of Law Enforcement Agencies consisting of retired police officers, state security services, the Frontier Service, Prison Service and State Fire Fighting Service. The Federation’s goal is to demonstrate a common position on issues of the country’s defense capacities as well as problems concerning pensioners and law enforcement and security agencies.

Chairman of the Union
Franciszek PUCHALA:

Within the framework of social and health security activities the Council takes measures on social and palliative care for lonely and chronically ill persons. As well, the Council takes care of military widows.

In the context of widely understood public and pro — defense activities, the Council’s primary mission is safeguarding of the country’s defense capacities, including a well — equipped and trained army. In particular, the Council deals with the popularization of challenges the present — day army is currently facing with and is intended to form, particularly among the younger generation, patriotism and love for the Motherland.