Public organization of reserve officers Armed Forces «Officer honor - UKRAINA», Deputy Minister of Emergencies of Ukraine

The Public Association’s activities are aimed at forming relationships among its members which are based on observation of officer’s honour and dignity, assistance given to renaissance of the best officer traditions, bringing up of high patriotic and morale qualities of the younger generations.

Main goals of the Association:

  • promotion of renaissance of the best officer traditions, honour, morale, common values of mankind, political culture and high spirituality in society;
  • assistance to bringing up of high patriotic and morale qualities of the younger generation;
  • forming of a positive attitude to the military service, respectful attitude towards veterans and popularization of the Motherland’s defender occupation;
  • promotion of development of health care, mass physical culture and sports, propaganda of a healthy way of living, participation in organization of recreation and rendering medical support to the Association’s members;
  • establishment of international ties with similar organization of reserve officers of other states.

The Association’s active efforts are intended to bring reserve officers together and render assistance in professional skills perfection.

Chairman of the Association
Anatoly BOYKO:

One of our key tasks is assistance to practical implementation of all — state, regional, local and international programmes which are intended for a civil life social adaption of the Association’s members and their families, improvement of their social and economic well — being and rendering material assistance to physically disabled persons incapable of realization of their rights and legal interests.